Artwork on it's way to London

Collection of dreams/nightmares in bottles is currently on it’s way to London for the Dreams exhibition at Art Number 23 gallery in Bermondsey. I’ve been super busy to get them finished in time but happy to see them all together and complete now!


Talented Art Fair

I am back home now after a long weekend in London at the Talented Art Fair. I met lots of lovely people and sold a few pieces too! My favourite one 'Let's go clubbing!' has found a new home, I will miss that one on my shelf! 

Goodbye seals!

It was lovely to meet the guys from Inside Artists, Kieran and Toby. After so many email exchanges it was great to meet them in person. They made my stand even better by adding an issue of the magazine too! 

There really were some talented artists showing their work, it is always a delight to see what other people are creating and have a chat with them. Now I am back home, it is time to start planning my next move! Where to exhibit next and what new collection I will make. There are a few ideas brewing! I will keep you posted on any developments! 

New year, new studio!

Happy New Year everyone! Yes, it has been awhile since I have blogged, I hope to make more regular posts this year! So far January has been a slow month in terms of my work as it is all currently in boxes whilst I have been renovating our attic for a new bedroom space and creating a new studio for me. I am now waiting for the oil to dry on the floorboards and I will be in by this evening! Hurrah! Finished pics of studio and more work coming soon!